Features are just amazing some of which you may find in other Apps but Medinsta such a thing like All under one roof, as several serivces are being offered from single and a simple App

Find doctor

Complete database of all doctors in an areawise manner to help you identify locate and communicate with them.includes qualification,address ,contact numbers and most importantly hospital timings through out the day.

Online consultation

A unique next generation technique to consult a doctor without physically meeting him .saves time both for the patient and the doctor.especially important the busy traveller or buisnessman.

Doctor home services

Home visit by the nearby doctor ,on the click of a button in emergency or selective manner.planned to save precious time in emergencies and to help the less mobile patients ,saves the ordeal of shifting in odd hours.

Doctor appointment

Designed to get a direct appointment from a busy doctor ,helping to avoid long waiting hours in crowded clinics ,also planning privilege appointments for the uber class.


About MedInsta

Have u ever been waiting for a doctor appointment for more than an hour at a crowded clinic ,have u ever wondered about whom to contact in case of having a fracture ,have u ever imagined that your nearby physician could visit you in case of a heart attack at odd hours .have u ever dreamt of medicines reaching your home like a pizza ,have u ever dreamt of ambulance reaching you in ten minutes on click of the app in case of emergency .....,well all this seems wishful thinking in a country so short of healthcare professionals .
Having been in the profession for more than a decade I can bet ,the sheer thought of what the patient or his relatives might be going through never crossed a doctors mind.he is so preoccupied with the thought treatment only..
But it was only when one of my very close relatives got ill and has to be hospitalised that I came to understand the real sphere of health care


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